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How to Clean a Closet - Your 2022 Ultimate Cleaning Guide


What's in the article?

How to Clean Closet: An Ultimate Cleaning Guide

Keeping Your Closet in Style

What's in the article?

While your bedroom is completely spotless and organized, you may have forgotten to organize your main storage area: your closet! It seems easy to forget about all the mess in your room by shoving everything in your closet, but doing so just moves the mess from your room to your closet! 

Plus, we typically change up our style according to current fashion trends, and an overstuffed storage has no room for new pieces that you fancy. Clothing can pile up and become heavy as well, wearing down the good condition of your wardrobe. 

How to Clean Closet: An Ultimate Cleaning Guide

Step 1: Decluttering your Closet Space

An overstuffed closet is difficult to organize, and you don't get to optimize your space, even if everything is stacked neatly. Take time to segregate the clothing items you're planning to wear, from those that you no longer wish to wear. Follow the one-year rule: if you haven't worn that T-shirt in over a year, then it's time to toss it out.

Declutter your closet in a closet cleanout. Remove any items that you no longer wear, such as old work clothes, clothes in poor condition, and duplicating pieces such as replicates of the same shirt. Clean out your closet of these items, and you'll have more space for any 

Step 2: Closet Cleanout

Clean out your closet by removing all the clothes stored inside. Keep the clothes in large plastic bags, like trash bags, or a separate storage space in the meantime to keep them from getting dirty. You don't need to sort clothes out as you will be able to do so later on. 

Clear your bed, and you can place your clothes on the bedspread in the meantime. Cover the clothes with a blanket or plastic bag to protect them from the dust flying around as you clean and disinfect the closet. Any accessories can be placed in a basket or on your nightstand. 

Closet Cleanout Tips: Tie hangers together to keep the clothes in the same order, and save space by storing less-used clothing in a vacuum seal. 

Step 3: Cleaning and Disinfecting the Closet

Start by wiping down the interior of the closet with a damp cloth. Go between the shelves, the roof of each shelf, and don't forget to wipe the hanging bar as well. If you have extra hangers, wipe them as well. Use a mild cleanser that is suitable for the material of your closet. 

For instance, use a wood-safe cleaner for hardwood closets, while plastic closets can be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner. Use a disinfecting spray afterwards to give your closet a complete clean, and remove any germs that may be lingering about. 

Step 4: Lining the Closet and Reinforcing Bars

Closet liners are perfect for keeping your wardrobe clean. Closet liners are typically made of a thin foam material, and are easy to wipe clean as needed later on. It also prevents damage on the shelves as you place your clothes and other items on them. 

Reinforce the bars holding up your clothes as well. Check on the condition of the nails and bars, and this will help keep the bar steady as it holds up your wardrobe. If you find the nails loosening, reinforce the bar with new screws, fill up the holes, and add a support structure if needed. 

Step 5: Placing Organizing Baskets and Shelves

Purchase some neutral-looking organizing baskets and shelves to keep your items in. These can be purchased in sets of varying sizes so you can use large baskets to keep large items, and small baskets to organize your drawers. If you store shoes in your closet, keep them in shoe caddies to prevent the soles from soiling the closet or the rest of your clothes. 

Organizing baskets also helps you store your underwear, socks, and accessories properly, so you don't have to keep guessing where that stray sock came from! You can also keep winter or summer bedding in storage baskets for your convenience.

Step 6: Re-organizing Contents

Now is the time to sort out your clothing based on how frequent you use them. Segregate clothing based on usage: T-shirts should go together, folded neatly in a specific space in your closet. Layering pieces together can help you save time in the morning getting ready. 

Party clothes should be placed in storage bags, hung at the back of the closet as these are less frequently used. Underwear should be folded neatly, and stacked together in a separate shelf or basket. Most closets have drawers specifically for this purpose, so you can opt to utilize one of your drawers for underwear, accessories, or socks. 

Keeping Your Closet in Style

Keeping your closet space neat and tidy is just a fraction of keeping your room clean. When you find that you're losing time to clean out your home, consider Luce Home cleaning services for top-quality home cleaning unlike any other.

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