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How to Clean a Pillow Top Mattress


What's in the article?

What You’ll Need

How to Clean a Pillow Top Mattress

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What's in the article?

A pillow top mattress offers a plush yet sturdy material to sleep on. When compared to other types of mattresses, the pillow top is known as the most comfortable choice due to its fluffy texture and supportive frame. 

However, as the top of the mattress is made of a plush material, the mattress can easily stain, retain excess liquid, and is susceptible to mold and bacterial growth. Pests can also thrive in mattresses, even with a mattress protector on. Cleaning the entire mattress is one key way to prevent mattress stains, mold, and damage!

Our guide will help you figure out how to properly clean a pillow top layer to get your mattress spotless and pristine. Whether you have a cotton, down, or memory foam mattress, these tips are designed to make mattress cleaning easy and simple for any homeowner to do!

What You’ll Need

Thankfully, you don't need too many fancy tools and professional equipment to clean your pillow top pad. All you'll need are a few household staples, like a vacuum cleaner and some baking soda, to give your mattress a newfound cleanliness! 

For the convenient way, you can purchase ready-made commercial cleaning solutions and upholstery shampoos, but going the DIY route is safer, more cost-effective, and cleans just as well as any commercial product! Here are a couple of things you'll need:

  • A vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or commercial spot cleaning solution
  • Laundry detergent, furniture shampoo, or diluted dish soap
  • Spray bottle
  • Clean cloth or paper towel
  • Scrub brush
  • Essential oil (optional)

How to Clean a Pillow Top Mattress

Dry Cleaning a Pillow Top

Dry cleaning is the convenient way to make sure that your mattress is deodorized, and dust-free. Dry cleaning makes use of a homemade or commercial powder that attracts dirt like a magnet, making it easier for you to vacuum up the excess. 

Sprinkle Baking Soda

You can create your own dry clean powder using baking soda and a few drops of your preferred essential oil. The oils would react with the baking soda, creating a magnet-like effect on dust to gather up the dust particles for convenient cleaning. Leave the mixture for at least an hour, then vacuum up the excess powder.

Plus, the baking soda will deodorize your mattress from any smells, while the essential oils leave a fresh, clean scent on your mattress. This is ideal for mattresses like a memory foam mattress, which can be difficult to dry when washed. 

Use a Commercial Dry Clean Powder

Similarly, you can use a store bought dry clean powder to clean your mattress the same way. Leave the powder on the mattress to deodorize, then vacuum up as you would with the baking soda mixture. However, this method will not deep clean your mattress, but is good for general cleaning.

Cleaning the Surface of Pillow Top Mattresses

Sometimes, only the surface gets stains and dirt on it that can be removed using a household staple:  vinegar! Vinegar diluted in water creates a spray that is effective in cleaning the top layer of the mattress, leaving you with a neutral scent as opposed to the strong smell of vinegar.

Place your diluted vinegar in a spray bottle, and give the entire surface of your mattress a good spray down. Use a damp cloth to blot away any stains, and let the mattress air dry completely before using to give the smell time to dissipate. 

Deep Cleaning a Pillow Top

A solution made with a good-quality upholstery shampoo diluted in water can be used to deep clean your mattress. Clean mattress stains, get rid of  bacteria, and kill mold using a good quality shampoo meant to get deep into the fibers of the mattress, including the mattress protectors. 

Soak your mattress with the solution, and use a scrub brush or sponge to gently scrub out any visible stains. Give the surface a good scrubbing, and use the vacuum cleaner on the wet setting to remove the excess moisture from your mattress. Rinse the soapy solution out of your mattress with clean water. 

Let your mattress completely dry before you use your mattress. You may opt to move your mattress to a line outdoor area for convenience, and so that you don't make a mess indoors with all the water and soap spilled around. Repeat the cleaning process if you notice the water that comes out of your mattress is still dirty. 

Spot Cleaning a Pillow Top

To spot clean your mattress, use some pure or diluted hydrogen peroxide to remove stains. Hydrogen peroxide is an efficient stain remover that helps to clear discoloration, disinfect, and clean at the same time. However, it does have a bleaching effect, so take precautions with colored fabrics. 

Place the hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stain, and allow the solution to lift away stains before blotting it out with a clean towel. Face the fan onto your mattress, and allow it to dry before using. This way, you can clean a mattress successfully without having to wash the entire thing!

Looking for More Tips?

If you're in search of more tips and tricks on mattress cleaning, follow our blog here at Luce SG! However, if cleaning isn't your cup of tea, then check out our professional mattress cleaning services that will get your mattress spotless from top to bottom.

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