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How to Clean a Toaster Oven Tray Easily


What's in the article?

When cleaning your toaster oven, it is important to clean each part of the machine - including the toaster oven tray, and crumb tray. In pop-up toasters, the crumb tray is located in a compartment at the bottom of the toaster. Same goes for toaster ovens, which have trays to catch crumbs located below the toasting tray.

In this article, we'll present the step-by-step guide on cleaning your toaster oven tray easily. Remove crumbs, baked-on grease splatters, and food particles using DIY, homemade cleaning solutions that won't require you to use elbow grease!

Cleaning the Toaster Oven Tray: A Step-by-Step Guide

What You'll Need

  • Dish soap
  • Hot water
  • Flour (optional)
  • Pastry brush
  • Sponge
  • Dry cloth

Step 1: Remove the Tray from the Toaster Oven

The first step is to remove the cooled tray from the toaster oven. Washing a hot tray is not only hazardous, but can warp the material of your tray due to thermal shock. Clean toaster oven tray only when cooled.

Step 2: Tap Out the Crumbs and Oil

Tap out the crumbs over the garbage can. Use a pastry brush to remove stuck-on crumbs. For trays with an oily residue, whether due to fried food or butter, use flour to soak up the oils, and tap out the oiled flour over the garbage can.

Step 3: Soak in Soapy Water

Fill the sink with hot or warm water, and add a few tablespoons of dish soap to create a soapy water solution. Soak the pan in soapy water to remove any oils, and to soften dried up food residue. Let the toaster oven tray soak for at least 5 minutes.

Step 4: Scrub

Once the baked-on food stains have softened, use a sponge or scrubbing brush to clean the toaster oven tray. Scrub both sides of the tray, as well as the edges. Rinse the tray after you remove all the stains, and pat dry with a towel. Leave it on the dish rack to air dry completely.

Step 5: Clean the Heating Elements

As you clean your toaster oven tray, it is a good idea to clean the heating elements as well. Take a damp cloth, and dip it in a diluted soapy solution. Use the cloth to clean the glass door, the walls of the oven, as well as the cooled heating element. Use the pastry brush to remove all the crumbs from the bottom of the toaster oven.

Step 6: Let Everything Dry

Let everything dry before placing the tray back into the toaster oven. Make sure your toaster oven is completely dry before using it to prevent accidental electric shocks. It is a good idea to deep clean your oven while you wait for the tray to dry.

Keeping Your Toaster Oven Clean

Removing Stubborn Grime

Baking soda is safe to use as an oven cleaner, and is suitable for any brand of toaster oven, from a Breville toaster oven to an Oster toaster oven. Create a baking soda and water paste, and apply it directly on the stubborn grime. Baking soda should soften and lift food stains away from your toaster oven baking rack. Let the paste sit for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, use a brush or sponge to remove the grime from your toaster oven. The baking soda paste should act as an abrasive scrubber that is safe enough to use on trays with a nonstick coating. Rinse and dry the tray afterwards.

Removing Rust Spots

Use vinegar and baking soda to remove rust spots and create a paste with the two ingredients. Apply the paste over rusted areas, and leave the tray to soak for at least 30 minutes. Afterwards, scrub the rust spots out with a scouring pad, then rinse and dry the tray to prevent future rust stains.

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