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How to Freshen and Deodorize a Mattress


What's in the article?

How to Deodorize a Mattress: 7 Easy & Effective Ways

How to Keep Your Mattress Clean and Fresh

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What's in the article?

Mattresses are not often cleaned, especially for those who use a mattress protector. However, mattress protectors are not alternatives for mattress maintenance, nor do they prevent odors and fluids from seeping into the mattress pad. They may be great for keeping the dust away, but oftentimes, mattresses will take on an odor when not cleaned properly. 

In this article, we'll be listing down the different ways you can refresh and deodorize a mattress at home. It pays to know how to properly deodorize your mattress to keep it fresh and clean as you sleep. When in doubt, look for professional services that will clean that mattress for you! 

How to Deodorize a Mattress: 7 Easy & Effective Ways

Vacuuming with the Upholstery Attachment

The first step in freshening up your furniture is to use the vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. This applies to mattresses too. There are times where your mattress smells bad due to the dust and dirt that accumulated on the surface. Vacuuming would remove these, as well as the dead skin cells, hair, and dust mites that may be on the mattress surface. 

Dry Cleaning with Baking Soda

Deodorize your mattress with some baking soda. Baking soda is an inexpensive yet effective ingredient that you can use to deodorize your mattress without having to wash the entire pad. You can use the powder to deodorize your mattress cover as well, but we recommend you wash the light fabric in the laundry machine instead.

Remove the cover from your mattress, and sprinkle baking soda all over your entire mattress, making sure to get between the folds, as well as the nooks and crannies. Let the baking soda sit for at least an hour, then vacuum up the baking soda residue to clean the mattress. Sprinkling baking soda on your mattress should deodorize it for good!

Essential Oil Treatment

You can make a powder or a spray with essential oils and a few other ingredients to create deodorizing solutions that will mask the smells on your mattress. This is especially useful for new mattresses or freshly cleaned mattress pads that have a strong "new mattress smell," or a detergent smell.

Create a powder with a cup of cornstarch, and 20-30 drops of your preferred essential oils. The cornstarch absorbs body oils from the mattress as well, and the essential oil works to refresh the scent of the mattress. You can opt to make a spray using a cup of water, a few drops of dish soap, and 20 drops of essential oil to deodorize the mattress just the same.

Vinegar Solution

Contrary to how it smells, vinegar is great at removing odors from fabrics and furniture. Create a vinegar spray using equal parts vinegar and water, a sprig of fresh rosemary, thyme, or oregano, and the peel of one lemon in a spray bottle. Generously spray the entire surface of your mattress, and let the solution sit to dry. 

This is the best method to keep a memory foam mattress fresh, as it requires no scrubbing that would destroy the foam interior. Vinegar also kills off mold and mildew, and acts as a stain remover. Remove stains using this solution by blotting the stain out with a paper towel after spraying. 

Vodka Spray

Vodka is another ingredient that deodorizes fabrics well. You may have heard of the hack using vodka to remove odors from clothes, and there is some truth to the method! Spraying vodka on your mattress will help remove any odors or unpleasant smells from the mattress, and as vodka is alcohol, will dry faster than deep cleaning solutions.

Deodorizing Spray

Alternatively, you may use a room spray, bedding spray, or deodorizing spray to remove the smells from your mattress, and freshen up the pad. Deodorizing sprays are available commercially, and there are unscented versions for those with a sensitive nose. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when using, and always use the product in a well-ventilated space.

Deep Cleaning

Check out this guide for deep cleaning your mattress at home, or avail of professional upholstery cleaning services to properly refresh, sanitize, and remove any lingering odors from your mattress. Deep cleaning also gets rid of bed bugs and dust mites that may make you itch, as well as any allergens from your mattress. 

Professional deep cleaning will ensure your mattress is clean inside and out. Deep cleaning your mattress yourself can be a chore, and you may not have the proper tools to clean and dry your mattress well. Professionals would know the right way of deep cleaning mattresses, especially ones with sensitive materials such as foam and down.

How to Keep Your Mattress Clean and Fresh

If you already use a mattress protector, which you switch out and wash once a week, then you're already on the right track to keeping your mattress clean and fresh! Mattress protectors shield your mattress from dust and dirt, but liquids can still seep into the pad. 

Always keep your mattress dry. Moisture is your number one enemy when it comes to odors, as bacteria and mold growth thrive on damp spaces. Keep a fan on in the room if you tend to sweat a lot while sleeping to keep the mattress dry, and immediately dry any nighttime accidents with a sprinkling of cornstarch or flour. 

Avoid using heavy oils: body oils, massage oils, and room spray oils directly on the mattress pad as these tend to latch onto dirt particles.  Maintain your mattress - it's a long-term investment for your sleep! Have professionals clean your mattress at least once a year, and wash your mattress at home when you get the chance to keep its freshness. 

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