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10 Best Habits to Keep Your Bathroom Clean Longer


What's in the article? 

How to Keep Bathroom Clean: 10 Best Habits to Remember

What's in the article?

The bathroom is the area of the home where we go to clean ourselves and sanitize, so it makes sense that this location should be kept neat. However, cleaning up a bath area is not for everyone, but our 10 best habits can help upkeep your bath area for a longer time - causing you to clean much less frequently!

How to Keep Bathroom Clean: 10 Best Habits to Remember

Keep your Shower Curtain Dry

Keeping the shower curtains clean and dry is good practice in bathroom cleaning as fabric curtains are the prime areas for germs to thrive on. The fibers of the shower curtain provide pockets for bacteria, mold, and viruses to latch onto, which causes musty odors, grime, and general dirt to spread around the bathroom.

Since the shower curtain is also the part of the bathroom that is always in contact with moisture, the trick to keep your bathroom clean and odor-free is to keep your shower curtains dry. Wash and replace curtains and liners every week, and don't let these soak up water too long when in use.

Similarly, take steps to ensure that your bath towels dry properly between uses, as towels that are kept damp give off a musty odor over time. Let your bath towels hang freely on the rack to dry the fabric faster, and never store away damp towels.

Soak Toilet Brush in Disinfecting Liquid

The same solution you use to clean your toilet bowl can be used to keep your scrub brush clean. Take some toilet cleaner and add some of the cleaning solution into the holder of your scrub brush. This will eliminate the germs that grow on the scrub brush, keeping your cleaning implements sanitized. 

You can pour the same cleaning solution into your toilet tank for a disinfecting clean on each flush. Slow-release disinfecting pods can keep your toilet clean longer, as the solution slowly dissolves in the water reservoir as they sit in the water.

Wipe Dry Sink and Bath Fixtures

Take a dry microfiber cloth and give the sink, faucet, countertop, and other fixtures a good wipe with some disinfecting spray for good measure. This will keep your sink dry and sanitized, and keep your bathroom clean! 

Alternatively you can use paper towels to wipe down the sink, but this creates excess waste to the environment. Using a microfiber cloth is simple, easy, and an eco-friendly way to bathroom cleaning versus cleaning wipes! 

Squeegee Shower Doors

Keep a small squeegee in the bath for a quick wipe down of your shower doors. By clearing away the excess water droplets, you reduce the amount of hard water stains that appear on your clear glass or acrylic doors, as well as soap scum and other stains.

Keep Stock of Toilet Paper and Liquid Soap or Bar Soap

Always keep stock of toilet essentials like tissues, bar soap, personal items, and more. This does not only keep your bathroom well-stocked, but you also get to minimize clutter around the bath when you organize your stock.

Keep bath essentials in baskets or caddies to organize them. This will enable you to find the item you're looking for when you need it, and clearly notice when you're running low in stock of a certain shampoo, lotion, or other bath product. 

Shake off Bath Mats Regularly

Bath mats are great for when you need to wipe your feet after a bath or shower, especially as bathroom floors tend to be slippery when wet. While you may already know to replace your bath mat every so often, most homeowners forget to shake their bath mat like they do rugs and other furniture in the house.

Dust and debris can settle in the fibers of the mat, which can stick to your damp skin as you step on it. Even freshly-washed mats can have dust sticking to the fibers, as well as lint from the laundry. Shaking off your bath mat before you place it in your clean bathroom leads to reduced dust around the area.

Keep a Hamper for Dirty Clothes, Towels, and Shower Curtain Closed

If you keep a clothes hamper in your bathroom, be sure to keep the hamper lid closed to prevent smells from going around the bathroom. Sweat, mold, and food stains on your dirty laundry and used towels can emit foul odors, especially when left out in the open for bacteria to feed off the organic material.

Take cleaning a step further by sanitizing the interior of your laundry basket daily. As bacteria tends to grow in filthy locations, the used clothes hamper is the perfect environment for microorganisms to thrive. Spray some disinfecting spray, or rinse the basket with some liquid soap to kill off any bacteria.

Use an All-purpose Cleaner for Different Bathroom Areas

Your bathroom cleaning solutions don't have to be complicated. You may be inclined to purchase various pieces of specialized cleaning solutions that claim to focus on getting rid of water marks, soap scum, or oils from your shower area, sink, or bathtub. However, these products generally do the same thing: clean. 

Instead, reach for an all-purpose cleaner to minimize the amount of items you have in the bathroom. A multi-purpose cleaner can clear the grime off most surfaces, and sanitize these areas as well. For specialty spots like hard water stains and soap residue, use a DIY vinegar spray and baking soda to remove them instead.

The best specialized cleaning products to purchase would be ones for sensitive materials like natural stone and wood, which require non-acidic and non-corrosive cleaning products to ensure the surface of your bathroom fixtures are undamaged during the cleaning process.

Clean Shower Head Regularly

Mold and mildew can clog up your shower, and the water coming out of a moldy shower head can smell musty, cause allergies, and spread mold spores into other areas in the bathroom. Keep your shower clean using a plastic bag, rubber bands, vinegar, and baking soda!

Fill the plastic bag with enough vinegar and baking soda to submerge the shower nozzles. Fix the bag over the nozzles using a rubber band. Leave the bag to work overnight, then scrub each nozzle with a bristled brush to remove loose grime. Rinse off and repeat every month or so.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner on your Bathroom Floor

A vacuum cleaner is the perfect tool to use to clean your floor. Daily vacuuming of the floor is a simple task that takes only a few minutes to achieve, but promises a clean and dust-free bathroom that will keep clean much longer. 

You can also use the vacuum to clean your tub using the nozzle attachment. When used on dry surfaces, the vacuum efficiently sucks up loose debris that could mess up your bathroom. The vacuum can be used to remove cobwebs as well as clean the exhaust fan from dust.

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