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How to Organize a Linen Closet


What's in the article?

15 Best Ways to Organize Your Linen Closet

Linen Closet Organization

What's in the article?

A linen closet keeps your towels, bedding, and sheet sets organized. However, if your linen closet is messy, then you may have problems looking for the items you need when you need them. Storage bins help, but the wrong kind of organization can make your closet confusing to maneuver through. 

Check out these linen closet organization ideas to guide you through keeping your items in check. These 15 tips on linen closet organization will get you to store your items the right way, and prevent you from overfilling your cabinets. You'll be able to grab your bedsheets, beach towels, or duvet covers in a snap! 

15 Best Ways to Organize Your Linen Closet

1. Line Your Closet Space

The most basic tip is to line your closet shelves and drawers with a foam, paper, or vinyl liner. This will prevent damage to your linen closet, as well as keep your items clean longer. Replace the liner every few years, or when you see it start to get dirty from everyday use. 

2. Minimize Your Needs

As Marie Kondo said, remove anything that does not bring you joy! One of the reasons your linen closet organization ideas may be overflowing is the number of items you're trying to store in it. Try using space saving bags to store seasonal items, and get rid of anything that you no longer foresee using in the future. 

3. Use Baskets to Keep Everything in Place

Use see-through baskets, like wire baskets or transparent plastic baskets, to organize your items in a way that you can easily view the contents without having to rummage through. Items like toilet paper should be stored together in a separate basket, and cleaning rags should have their own basket as well.

linen sets ied together with ribbons

4. Keep Bedding Sets Together

When you purchase bedding in sets, you assume you'll be using the pieces of the set at the same time. Keep these sets together to make it convenient for you to access them later on. Place them on their own baskets, or use a ribbon to tie them together. Here's a neat hack: Place the bedding set in a pillowcase for storage! 

5. Rotate Your Linen Sets

Rotate between your linen sets, towels, and sheets by observing the FIFO method. The first linen set you add in should be in front, while succeeding linen sets should be placed at the back. This way, you'll always have fresh sheets available, and you'll be able to use different sets, and you gain easy access to the closest sets! 

6. Label Everything

Go by labels! Make sure you label each and every area of your linen closet, especially if you're using storage bins without see-through windows. Labels will tell you the details of each item, as well as its location on one of your linen closet shelves. 

7. Organize by Room

If you have multiple people using multiple linens, consider organizing per room. Place all the bedding for your bedroom together, while bathroom towels and rugs should have their separate baskets. Label your shelves or baskets by room: children's room, bathroom, master's bedroom, and the like. This way, you can easily grab the items you need for specific rooms.

8. Utilize Shelf Space

Optimize the valuable space in your linen closet, especially if you have a lot of items to store in it. Wire shelves can be placed beneath each shelf to organize hand towels, while the walls of your closet can be used to hang small items. Make the best use of the space you have, and don't be afraid to move things around until you find the system that works for you! 

9. Fold Bath Towels

Rolled towels may have an aesthetic value, but they are bulky and difficult to store. Fold your bath towels properly, and press them down slightly to compact them for storage. Keep your towels in their own basket, storage box, or drawer so you can easily access them. 

10. Get Dividers for Linen Closet Shelves

You can purchase standalone dividers online or in select home organization stores to keep your items separate. Dividers sit on shelves, and provide a cubby hole for you to separate your belongings, and organize your linen closet shelves. 

11. Add Closet Lights

It's not easy to organize in the dark. Add motion activated closet lights in your linen closet so you can see your items clearly. Place lights by the closet door, and mount some beneath each shelf. These lights are usually magnetic and rechargeable, so you can remove them when it's time to top up the batteries. 

12. Keep Cleaning Supplies at the Bottom Shelf

Keep your cleaning supplies in the linen closet for convenient access. Use a basket to keep all the cleaning products together, and store them in an easy-to-reach location so you can grab that cleaning sponge and detergent any time! 

13. Place Cedarwood Chips or Planks

Linens tend to be prime spots for pests to thrive in as they feed on the organic cotton or wool materials of your beddings, towels, and more. Cedarwood helps to repel these pests, and they are reusable too! Keep planks of cedarwood on each shelf, and place cedarwood chips in small organza bags to distribute around your linen closet. 

Helpful Tip: Top up the cedarwood chips with cedarwood essential oil monthly, and sand down cedar planks to release the scent. 

14. Keep Frequently Used Items Within Reach

Frequently used items, like your fitted sheet sets, toilet paper, and extra towels should be kept within arm's reach in your organized linen closet. An organized linen closet would have made space for these items in the middle shelf, right where it is most convenient to grab these items as needed. 

15. Keep a List of Contents by the Door

Print out our linen closet organization list, fill it up with the necessary information, and keep this list by your door so you can easily check on the items you have in your closet at a glance. Change up your list each time you organize your linen closet, or keep a memo pad and a pen by the door to list down the contents of your cabinet. 

Linen Closet Organization

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