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How to Unclog Bathroom Sink


What's in the article?

What Causes a Clogged Bathroom Sink?

How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink

How to Prevent Your Bathroom Sink From Clogging

What's in the article?

What Causes a Clogged Bathroom Sink?

A clogged bathroom sink can be caused by multiple factors. For one, the bathroom and personal care products we use are typically filled with oils and other additives to provide moisture, fragrance, or a silky smooth finish. When these oils accumulate in the drain pipes, then your bathroom sink can clog up.

Another common reason for a clogged sink is the obstruction of a foreign object in the pipes. People tend to wash up with their jewelry on, which can detach and fall into the sink, causing a blockage. Coins, tissues, and other objects can fall into the sink as well, which can block the water from passing through the pipes.

Rust can be another problem for sinks that have not been used in a while. As most bathroom sinks have a U-shaped pipe, the stagnant water can cause rusting in the pipes over time. Rusted pipes have smaller openings, which can make it difficult for rushing water to pass through. 

How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink

Regardless of the reason, you'll need to figure out how to unclog a bathroom sink drain. You can easily don a pair of rubber gloves and get the highest-strength drain cleaner to fix that clog, but for times when you've dropped a valuable piece of jewelry down the drain, dissolving it with acid doesn't seem to be the best idea. Those harsh chemicals can also be harmful to your skin and lungs!

Instead, try some DIY tips and tricks to unclog your bathroom sinks the safe way using a few household staples. You may be able to save your drain, and retrieve the obstruction if it's valuable to you!

Toilet Plunger

If your sink is starting to fill up, you can loosen the obstruction using a toilet plunger. The vacuum seal of the plunger creates enough pressure to loosen the obstruction, hopefully retrieving your valued jewelry in the process. However, this is not a surefire way to retrieve whatever is obstructing your sink drain. You might push the obstruction further down the pipes.

If you're not worried about retrieving the object down the drain, a toilet plunger can work to bring a sudden flow of water through the pipes. The burst of pressure can dislodge the clog, and get your sink up and running again. Place the plunger head directly above the sink drainage hole, and start plunging!

Wire Hanger

If you're worried about that object going deeper down your pipes, then try using a drain snake, plumber's snake, or a bent wire hanger to retrieve the item. Some drain snakes have retractable hooks, which can help you grab a hold of your ring, or any other obstruction that you don't want in your pipes. A wire hanger can be bent into a hook shape, making it easier to hook the obstruction out. 

You can also use the wire hanger to clear the clog if it's made from oil buildup or mold accumulation. Simply bend the wire hanger thin enough to push down the drain, and tinker around to clear the clog. Alternatively, if you want a sure fix to get your item back, use a wet and dry vacuum instead.

The wet and dry vacuum, set to the liquid setting, can clear the clog and make it easier for you to retrieve any lost valuables. Form a tight seal around the drainage hole, and use a sink stopper to cover the overflow outlet. Vacuum up as much of the water as you can until you feel the obstruction loosening and getting sucked up. 

Baking Soda and Vinegar

As most people may know, baking soda is a terrific ingredient for more than just baking. Baking soda can clean muck off burnt pots and pans, deodorize laundry, and even remove tarnish from jewelry! Couple the cleaning power of baking soda with the acidity of white vinegar, and you'll have a cleaning solution that can clear any drain! 

First, take a cup of baking soda and pour it down the drain. Add two cups of white vinegar, and let the solution fizz. The chemical reaction should loosen up the grime, and the acidity of vinegar should dissolve most clogs like soap scum and mineral deposits. Let the solution sit for a few minutes, then pour boiling water down the drain to rinse, and clear off any remaining scum. 

Boiling Water and Rock Salt

Sometimes, all you need is boiling water (not warm water) and a little rock salt to get those clogs fixed, even without the baking soda and vinegar! The first thing you'll need to do is to pour a generous amount of rock salt down the drain. This will act as a scrubber to remove the hard water stains and soap scum. 

Pour the freshly boiled water down the drain in a slow, but steady, stream. The water should melt down any oils, as well as dissolve hard water minerals and soap scum through the abrasion of the rock salt. Allow the drain to cool off on its own, then run the tap to check for any signs of a slow drain. If the drain isn't flowing properly, drain off the excess water then repeat the process again. 

Professional Plumbing

The best way to unclog a bathroom sink is through professional plumbing and cleaning services. Pipes that are constantly filled with muck and grime from everyday use are more susceptible to clogging than pipes that are regularly maintained. 

Professionals will be able to fix bathroom clogs in your sink, including clogs from the sink overflow outlet. A plumber can also retrieve your lost items by removing the slip nuts to gain access to the p-trap. Plumbers are experienced in unclogging drains, so you don't have to worry about further damage to your pipes.

How to Prevent Your Bathroom Sink From Clogging

Don't deal with those stubborn clogs again and again! Take measures to ensure that your sink drain is free from obstruction by keeping your pipes clean. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your bathroom sink clog-free, and in good condition. Dirty pipes can also give off a foul smell, and can form rust in the interior, seams, and at the slip nuts. 

For a top to bottom home cleaning, look no further than Luce Home maintenance services. Our trained and experienced cleaners can ensure that your bathroom is sparkling clean - drains included! Find out more about our services by going through our website today.

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