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5 Reasons Why Your Room is So Dusty and What You Can Do


What's in the article?

5 Reasons Why Your Room is So Dusty and How to Fix It

How to Reduce Dust in Your Room?

How Often Should You Clean and Dust Your Room?

What's in the article?

Why does my room get so dusty? - You dust and you vacuum, but there seems to be an endless supply of bedroom dust! Dust is inevitable. Any room in your house could have dust accumulation as dust is everywhere. Yet, you clean and clean, but the dust in your bedroom doesn't seem to go away.

Let's take a look at the common reasons why your bedroom might have more dust than other rooms. Oftentimes, a dusty room gathers up a lot of grime because it is not cleaned regularly. However, if you find that your room is still dusty even after cleaning it everyday, you may need to look at another probable reason.

5 Reasons Why Your Room is So Dusty and How to Fix It

Reason #1: Your Area

Your area might be the culprit in making your room so dusty. Do you have open windows facing the street? The exhaust from cars and the wind blowing into your room are most likely what makes your bedroom so dusty. Leaving your window open the entire day gives dust the opportunity to fly into your room.

Reason #2: Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets act like dust collectors that attract dust, and allow them to accumulate in and around your room. Dust mites also thrive in carpets where the fibers can provide them with the perfect hiding spots during your cleaning and vacuuming sessions.

Reason #3: Improper Cleaning Habits

Despite its name, a feather duster doesn't actually trap dust, but instead moves around settled dust to make it seem like the duster did a good job cleaning. In reality, you're just spreading the dust particles around the room. Dust is mostly made from dead skin flakes and clothing fibers, which easily fly around the room with a simple sweep of a duster.

Reason #4: Pet Dander, Dust Particles, Dead Skin Cells and Hair

Dust is made of almost anything from pet hairs, dead skin cells, bedding fibers, and more. If you have a pet that tends to shed, they most likely contribute to all the dust in your room. Same goes for when you bring your outdoor items into your room. Your shoes, bags, and clothes can shake off dust from outside onto the surfaces of your bedroom.

Reason #5: Uncleaned Appliances

Did you know that some household appliances give off a slight static current? This static charge is like a dust magnet that gets a hold of dust to your appliances like fans, air conditioner, and more. As more and more dust settles on these surfaces, they can also start to spread them as you use your appliances around the room without cleaning them.

How to Reduce Dust in Your Room?

#1 Use a Dust Screen

A dust screen is a fine mesh netting that you can place over your windows to prevent dust from getting into your room. This is most effective for bedrooms that face a road or construction work. They often come with a velcro attachment so you can take down the screen and wash it as needed.

#2 Wipe with a Damp Cloth

Instead of using a feather duster, use a cloth dampened with a cleaning solution or just plain water to clean your bedroom. As the cloth wipes your dusty bedroom clean, it traps the particles to ensure that they don't simply spread to other surfaces.

#3 Wash Beddings Weekly

It is essential to wash your beddings weekly, instead of washing them only when there's too much dust accumulation on the surface. That accumulation is already indicative that the rest of your room is even dustier! Wash and change your bedding to prevent this accumulation, and to remove any allergens from getting in your bed. This also prevents dust mites from thriving.

#4 Use an Air Purifier

Use an air purifier to keep the dust away! Air purifiers make the air cleaner by filtering out the allergens from the air. You can even incorporate air purifiers into your air conditioning system! You will need to clean the air filter every now and then, but it helps to reduce the dust in your room.

How Often Should You Clean and Dust Your Room?

Dust is present everywhere, and it has no specific time to settle. Ideally, you should be vacuuming up your rugs and carpets, and wiping down furniture daily. If you don't have the time or energy to do a daily cleaning, dusting your bedroom every other day works as well.

If you're interested in a deep home cleaning service, get in touch with us to discuss how to make your house pristine.

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